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rice vermicelli

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  • Rice Vermicelli

    Rice vermicelli is called rice stick, it's made from white rice,corn starch,popular in Morocco,Malaysia,Philippines,Thailand.

    Min. Order: 14ton

  • Rice Stick Vermicelli

    Rice stick vermicelli is made from white rice,corn starch,you can cooked with other sauces and vegetables,popular in Morocco.

    Min. Order: 14ton

  • Xinzhu Rice Vermicelli

    Xinzhu Rice Vermicelli is called rice vermicelli, stick vermicelli, it's a glass noodle and can be cooked with fresh vegetables

    Min. Order: 14ton

  • Gluten Free Rice Vermicelli

    Gluten free rice vermicelli is a rice vermicelli without gluten, it is most popular in Morocco.

    Min. Order: 14ton