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Peanut chopped

4 product
  • Blanched Peanut Sliced

    Blanched Peanut sliced is also called to blanched peanut sliced,it widely be used as bakery materials.

    Min. Order: 1metric ton

  • Chopped Blanched Peanut Diced

    Pastry and bakery in groundnut cakes and cookies are also used frequently.

    Min. Order: 3metric ton

  • Crushed Blanched Peanut

    Crushed Blanched Peanut is called peanut diced and peanut split, it is widely used in bakery as raw materials.

    Min. Order: 3metric ton

  • Peanut Split

    Peanut split is called peanut chunk,peanut diced and crushed peanuts,it’s used in biscuit,cakes and other cookies.

    Min. Order: 3metric ton