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  • Garlic Bolt

    Galic bolt is called garlic sprout,garlic stem and garlic shoot, it is harvested by the end of April every year in China.

    Min. Order: 10metric ton

  • Fresh Garlic Shoot

    Fresh garlic shoot is also called fresh garlic bolt, garlic sprout and garlic stem.

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • Fresh Garlic Stem

    Fresh Garlic Stem is also called garlic sprout and garlic bolt and garlic shoot.

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • Fresh Ginger

    Fresh ginger
    Origin:Shandong province,China
    Good quality and best price.

    Min. Order: 10metric ton

  • Air Dried Fresh Ginger

    Air Dried Fresh Ginger is called fresh ginger, the surface of ginger is dry.Shandong origin with good quality best price.

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • Dry Ginger

    Shandong origin dry ginger and fresh ginger, good quality best price.

    Min. Order: 1piece